Jet Side Dump Trailers

Jet Company side dumps have a trunnion mounted inverted cylinder lift design for reduced tub acceleration and improved trailer stability. Our side dumps offer the versatility of a trailer for any need and are perfect for construction, agricultural or commercial use. Discover new confidence and peace of mind with Jet side dumps!

Top features of our Side Dump Trailers:

  • PATENTED Trunnion Mounted Hydraulic Cylinder Design
  • Four Tub Pivots per Side
  • Maintenance Free Greaseless Bushings
  • No Center Divider
  • Rounded Tub
  • Blasted Paint Preparation
  • Angled Internal Tub Corners
  • Flex Corner Design
  • Air Ride Standard
  • Quick Air Exhaust

Standard Features

  • Large tub side rail maximizes strength
  • LED lights for long-lasting illumination
  • Synthetic bushings eliminate metal to metal contact
  • Angled internal tub corner improves load release
  • Round bottom tub
  • External tub supports (no center divider)
  • Yellow Tub; Gray Frame (see options)
  • Blasted surface prior to paint
  • Durable and chip resistant paint prevent rusting and corrosion


  • 36' Tub- 22 Cubic Yards Waterfull 33 Cubic Yards Heaping
  • Electric Tarp System
  • (8) 8.25 x 24.5 Steel
  • (8) 11R24.5 Steel
  • Aluminum Wheels
  • Triple Axle
  • Lift Axle
  • Trailer Mounted Directional Control Valve
  • Color Variations available upon request


Features Spec
Frame Length 39' 7 3/16"
Tub Length 34'
Width 102"
Height 8'3" @ Tub Side / 9' 7 15/16" @ Tub Center
Tub Capacity 21 Cubic Yards Waterfull / 31 Cubic Yards Heaping
Tub Construction 1/4" Thick AR400 Steel Rounded Tub, No Divider for Easy Hauling,
Angled Internal Tub Corners Improves Load Release
Frame Construction Fabricated Steel I-Beam
Bumper Bolt On Push Bumper
Cylinders 5" Bore, 3000 PSI Cylinder
Hinges Self Aligning, Self Lubrication / Maintenance Free Bushings
Suspension Air Ride Standard, Rated @ 23,000#
Axles (2) Hub Pilot, Axle Beam Rated @ 25,000#
Wheels (8) 8.25 x 22.5 Steel
Tires (8) 11R22.5, Radials
Brakes 16 1/2" x 7", 2S1M Anti-Lock Brake System
Fenders Front / Rear - Bolt On 2 Ply Rubber Edge
Lights LED Lights: Long Lasting Illumination
Mud Flaps Ultra Rubber w/Jet Co. Logo

NOTE: All dimensions, specifications and pictures shown here are based on the latest product information available at the time of publishing. To insure product improvement, Jet Company reserves the right to make any changes or discontinue models at any time without notice. Jet trailers conform to all DOT regulations in effect at the time of manufacture.